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Lauren is an LA-based Producer, Writer, Creative, and Google-Certified Project Manager working at the intersection of entertainment, comedy, and impact– forwarding stories that resonate, comedy that connects, and messages that pack a punch to move our culture forward, together. 

A graduate of the University of Southern California with a B.A. in Narrative Studies and Cinematic Arts and almost a decade of experience working in the development and production of stories across digital, political and social-impact ads, social media influencer campaigns, documentaries, podcasts, live events, and more, Lauren specializes in collaborating with brands to actualize their mission and vision with audience-first, research-informed, and entertainment-forward content.

Lauren honed her craft working for top entertainment companies and cult production hubs including Rideback, JuVee Productions, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Fox, Disney, Gutsy Media, and Wake Up & Vote. There, she brought her can-do attitude, collaborative ethos, organizational mindset, and narrative specialty to every project.

To date, Lauren has overseen the development and production of over 500 short form ads, digital campaigns, events, and more, and collaborated with high caliber talent such as Jane Fonda, the Daniels, Kathryn Hahn, Scott Z. Burns, Pamela Adlon, Bonnie Wright, and Dorothy Fortenberry, among others. 


Her work includes Addy, AICP, Effie, and Pollie award winning impact ads Transmission from the Future, featuring Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, Same Old, featuring Samuel L. Jackson, TurntablesMake History HereQuaranteenies, and the CLIO finalist 2 Bills 4 Biden, directed by Rob Reiner, written by Phil Rosenthal, and featuring Billy Crystal and Bill Kristol.


These works and more have been featured the Los Angeles Timesthe New York TimesVarietyThe Hollywood ReporterBloombergNPRJimmy Kimmel Live, The Guardian, and People.



Obsessed Podcast 

Hollywood Climate Summit 

Soho House Hangs

Big Rox Comedy Show

The Biographer's Wife

From social impact ads to social media content to live events and more, Lauren specializes in producing mission-forward, audience-first, and entertaining content to move audiences and the needle. 


Lauren is a comedy writer who specializes in using the absurd to examine the status quo. She also has nearly a decade of experience in creative pitch, proposal, and technical writing. 


To read Lauren's comedy pilot, full length play, or comedy spec please reach out via email or the contact form below


As a Creative Producer, Lauren offers her narrative expertise to the development process, ensuring the most resonate iteration of the story and its characters makes it to the screen. 

Creative Development

At Gutsy Media/Wake Up & Vote Lauren served as a Managing Producer where she managed the company's varying content productions and projects, including a 360 ad campaign, digital video ads and memes, influencer video campaigns, websites, post-production projects, and more. Lauren received her Certification in Project Management from Google in 2023. 

Project Management

Lauren has been a graphic and web designer since 2014, offering her services to Sound Off Films, Wake Up & Vote/Gutsy Media, YEA! Impact, National Council of Jewish Women, USC Women of Cinematic Arts, Obsessed Podcast, and more.

Graphic & Web Design
Narrative & Ops Consulting

With a background in narrative structure and strategy from USC and almost a decade of experience in operationalizing small business and non-profit organizational structures, Lauren collaborates with companies to bring her narrative and operations expertise to projects and businesses in need. 


Reach out and say hi! 


Lauren Foley

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