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Porch Girl


In Porch Girl, an out-of-work dramatic actor (who can even cry on command) is unsure of what to do when offered a bizarre acting opportunity. Anchoring herself to her front porch, she spends the day forcing passersby to give her career advice before eventually spiraling out of control.

Serving as Executive Producer for first time director Sari Eichenblatt's comedic debut, Lauren generated and maintained the production budget and calendar, hired and onboarded cast and crew, sourced equipment, props, catering and crafty, and handled all production paperwork, etc. for a streamlined, seamless, and positive production experience for the whole team.

Written and Directed by Sari Eichenblatt
Executive Produced by Lauren Foley
Cinematography by Seannie Bryan
Edited by Ian Faria
Music by Fake Dad

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