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Meidas Touch



The Quaranteenies began as a creative coping outlet for Writer/Producer Melissa Samuels and Director/Editor Adam Parker, living with their kids during the lockdown. Using real experiences, found toys, and family voices, the show evolved into an authentic satire resonating with many and earning a cult following online.The Quaranteenies are an American family, just like every other, quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic and just trying to survive.

Promised a ‘Trump Train’ in 2016 but dealing with a ‘Trump Trainwreck’ instead, the Quaranteenies just want a return to normal life. Through the prism of a lighthearted animated series, The Quaranteenies seeks to expose the angst, anger, and frustration of families living in Trump’s America.

As Production Coordinator at Gutsy Media/Wake Up & Vote, Lauren aided in the development, distribution, and marketing of the series.

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