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Chaotic Good Collective

House Hangs


House Hangs connect creatives IRL for an intimate celebration of community, art, and entertainment. In partnership with Soho House and Soho Works, House Hangs are an artist spotlight event series bringing the entertainment community together to highlight, introduce, and pay up-and-coming artists and performers with future fans. With House Hangs, we spotlight up-and-coming artists and allow rising industry professionals to rub shoulders with each other to open doors for creative collaboration and celebration.

As Executive Producer and Event Co-Host, Lauren oversaw the procurement of talent, crew, partners, catering, and crafty, ensuring each vendor and partner had fulfilled their agreements, contracts, releases, payment information etc. and worked in collaboration with our venue partner, Soho House and Soho Works, to execute the physical logistics of the event, including A/V, food/beverage, parking, and security set up and liaising to ensure a positive attendee and talent/partner experience.

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