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Obsessed Podcast


Obsessed is a pop-culture podcast hosted by Kayla Nicholson and Lauren Foley, two curious, culture-obsessed, and media-fluent Writer/Producers living in Los Angeles, California. In Obsessed, Kayla and Lauren give their hottest takes, expert(ish) opinions, and share stories around the latest hot topics occupying our collective brain space. With a different topic every episode, Kayla and Lauren return to explore current events and cultural phenomena through a comedic yet introspective lens. From celebrity drama, to tech developments, to music and movie releases, they'll have their hands full untangling the obsessions that captivate us all.

As the Executive Producer and Co-Host, Lauren researched, developed, and wrote topic/episode notes, outlines, and scripts and then recorded, edited, and QC'ed the series, delivering 6 full audio episodes and 3 mini-sodes along with 2-3 short audio clips and video reels per episode.

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