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The Gentle Show


The Gentle Show is a soft-spoken digital comedy show led by Chicago-trained improvisers Jason Ouimette and Michelle Castro, featuring a different set of comedians (in character) every episode. Each episode, hosts Jeremy Sparks (Ouimette) and his trusty roommate Sofía (Castro) bring on a variety of special guests to their cozy couch and discuss the most relevant topics (to them). Together, they explore everything from creativity to the weather to making new friends; but this isn't your run of the mill talk show, in The Gentle Show the hosts always have a secret agenda – a gentle issue with their guest, and they use the show to clear the air. With only 6 full-length episodes to date and over 20 more digital shorts/reels available on social media, The Gentle Show has already garnered a cult-like following and over 3.5 Million views for it's lovable characters and unique digital universe.

As Producer, Lauren assisted in the creative development of episode topics, directed the actors improvisation for greater narrative impact and comedic effect, and collaborated on the digital distribution of the series via Spotify, Youtube, Instagram, and Tik Tok, and worked to garner additional partners, press, and recognition for the series.

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